The Parsec Release Checklist

The release process is divided into 4 stages as shown below. Each stage has a discrete set of activities to be completed before progressing to the next stage. The list shown below is only a template, as there might be additional tasks specific to that release that might be added to different stages.


  • Prior to Code freeze
    •  Publish new versions of all managed crates and configure parsec service and tool to use them. See this guide.
    •  Fix any pending issues
    •  Check common dependency crates versions between the parsec service, parsec tool, and other crates
    •  Review PRs across Parsec repos
    •  Merge approved PRs
    •  Check the milestone list
  • During code freeze
    •  Issue release candidate tag x.x.x-rc1
    •  OpenSUSE packaging for the RC
    •  Pull in the latest git dependencies in the crates to ensure the latest release would work.
    •  Execute the normal e2e tests on Raspberry Pi hardware:
      • mbed-crypto
      • TPM
      • Nitrokey HSM (pluggable USB)
    •  Execute fuzz testing for a week
    •  Ask the Linux distributions packagers to try the tagged version
    •  Ask the Parsec Yocto maintainers to try the tagged version
    •  Ask any interested people to try the tagged version
    •  Review the book and make sure all pages are up-to-date. In particular, make sure the Threat Model is up to date.
    •  Make sure all the markdown pages (like the README) look good.
    •  Make sure the rustdoc pages (on are looking good (before and after the release).
    •  If any bugs are reported, we fix bugs and then issue another release candidate, x.x.x-rcx
    •  When All reported issues are addressed, make a GitHub release out of the last tag, which includes its changelog, and ask maintainers to release this version of Parsec.
  • Release
    •  Push the release tag for the service and the parsec-tool
    •  Publish the new quickstart bundle and update the quickstart guide with it
  • Post-release
    •  Close issues fixed in the release and the past milestone
    •  Update, test, and upstream Yocto recipes for Parsec and parsec-tool
    •  Make a new issue milestone for the next release
    •  Update the Roadmap
    •  Update the Parsec Release Process  with what we learned.
    •  If any bugs are reported, make new MINOR or PATCH tags
    •  Update the Parsec Tool demo

Copyright 2023 Contributors to the Parsec project.