Response Status Codes

The value 0, Success, is for a successful operation.

Service Internal Response Status Codes

These codes originate in components in the service outside of the Provide trait implementation by the providers.

Response Status CodeValueDescrption
WrongProviderID1Requested provider ID does not match that of the backend
ContentTypeNotSupported2Requested content type is not supported by the backend
AcceptTypeNotSupported3Requested accept type is not supported by the backend
WireProtocolVersionNotSupported4Requested version is not supported by the backend
ProviderNotRegistered5No provider registered for the requested provider ID
ProviderDoesNotExist6No provider defined for requested provider ID
DeserializingBodyFailed7Failed to deserialize the body of the message
SerializingBodyFailed8Failed to serialize the body of the message
OpcodeDoesNotExist9Requested operation is not defined
ResponseTooLarge10Response size exceeds allowed limits
AuthenticationError11Authentication failed
AuthenticatorDoesNotExist12Authenticator not supported
AuthenticatorNotRegistered13Authenticator not supported
KeyInfoManagerError14Internal error in the Key Info Manager
ConnectionError15Generic input/output error
InvalidEncoding16Invalid value for this data type
InvalidHeader17Constant fields in header are invalid
WrongProviderUuid18The UUID vector needs to only contain 16 bytes
NotAuthenticated19Request did not provide a required authentication
BodySizeExceedsLimit20Request length specified in the header is above defined limit
AdminOperation21The operation requires admin privilege

PSA Response Status Codes

These codes originate from within the Provide trait implementation.

Response Status CodeValueDescrption
PsaErrorGenericError1132An error occurred that does not correspond to any defined failure cause
PsaErrorNotPermitted1133The requested action is denied by a policy
PsaErrorNotSupported1134The requested operation or a parameter is not supported by this implementation
PsaErrorInvalidArgument1135The parameters passed to the function are invalid
PsaErrorInvalidHandle1136The key handle is not valid
PsaErrorBadState1137The requested action cannot be performed in the current state
PsaErrorBufferTooSmall1138An output buffer is too small
PsaErrorAlreadyExists1139Asking for an item that already exists
PsaErrorDoesNotExist1140Asking for an item that doesn't exist
PsaErrorInsufficientMemory1141There is not enough runtime memory
PsaErrorInsufficientStorage1142There is not enough persistent storage available
PsaErrorInssuficientData1143Insufficient data when attempting to read from a resource
PsaErrorCommunicationFailure1145There was a communication failure inside the implementation
PsaErrorStorageFailure1146There was a storage failure that may have led to data loss
PsaErrorHardwareFailure1147A hardware failure was detected
PsaErrorInsufficientEntropy1148There is not enough entropy to generate random data needed for the requested action
PsaErrorInvalidSignature1149The signature, MAC or hash is incorrect
PsaErrorInvalidPadding1150The decrypted padding is incorrect
PsaErrorCorruptionDetected1151A tampering attempt was detected
PsaErrorDataCorrupt1152Stored data has been corrupted

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