Key Info Managers

The key info stored by the Key Info Managers (KIM) consist in a structure composed of:

  • an id, which is the reference to a key in the specific provider
  • attributes, which are the attributes of the key

Providers can directly use a KeyInfoManagerClient instance to simplify handling of the KIM with their own provider ID and their own key ID type.

SQLite Key Info Manager

The SQLite KIM stores mappings between key identities and their provider-specific metadata in an SQLite database stored on disk at a given path.

This KIM is intended as a more flexible, safe, and stable alternative to the on-disk manager and is the recommended choice for any new deployments.

On-Disk Key Info Manager

Warning: The on-disk KIM will be deprecated in future versions of the Parsec service in favor of the SQLite manager described above.

The on-disk KIM stores the mapping between key identity and key information directly on disk, in a folder with a configurable path.

The application and key name length are limited by the operating system Parsec is running on.

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