Parsec for users

How to use Parsec

On a system where Parsec is installed, it can easily be used with a Parsec Client Library. Those libraries communicate with the Parsec service and integrate with the rest of the software idiomatically.

Parsec Client Libraries are available in the following languages:

  • Rust: See examples on how to use the BasicClient.
  • C: support exists for using Parsec through the PSA Crypto API for a limited set of primitives. Non-PSA functionality is currently not supported.
  • Java: both a native Parsec client, as well as a JCA implementation based on that client.
  • Go: work in progress!
  • Erlang: native Parsec client with both a high level API and a low level API. The low level API supports all Parsec API calls with protobuf specifications.

Also have a look at parsec-tool, a command-line client to access Parsec from the terminal.

Please contribute to add more Parsec Client Libraries in the languages that you want!

Building, running and installing Parsec

If you would like to compile and run the Parsec service on your system (if it does not exist), follow these guides:

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