Prepare Key Attestation Parameters

This page defines the mechanism-specific inputs and outputs of PrepareKeyAttestation. For an in-depth look at the mechanisms and hardware tokens that we've considered, you can read our write-up here.

Each mechanism that needs preparation comes with its own definitions for PrepareKeyAttestationParams and PrepareKeyAttestationOutput.

(EXPERIMENTAL) The parameters for key attestation are in an experimental phase. No guarantees are offered around the stability of the interface for any key attestation mechanism.

ActivateCredential (TPM provider)

The preparation necessary for ActivateCredential involves retrieving the data necessary for performing the TPM2_MakeCredential computations outside of a TPM. The results from MakeCredential can then be passed to AttestKey.

The service returns the TPM-specific name of the object to be attested, its public parameters, and the public part of the attesting key. These three components can then be used by a 3rd party to generate an encrypted credential to be used in AttestKey. The algorithm for protecting the credential is defined in the TPM 2.0 Architecture spec, section B.10.4.

The public parameters of the key which will be attested are not strictly necessary in generating the encrypted credential. The reason for its inclusion, however, rests on the need of the 3rd party to verify that the object they are about to attest is indeed the one they expect. The process of encrypting the credential involves deriving a symmetric key using the TPM-specific name of the object to be attested. This name is obtained by performing a hash over the public parameters of the object, and can thus be verified by the 3rd party if those parameters are available.


attested_key_nameStringName of the key to be attested
attesting_key_nameStringName of the key to use for attesting
  • if attesting_key_name is empty, the default key for the ActivateCredential mechanism will be used


nameVector of unsigned bytesTPM-specific name of the key object to be attested
publicVector of unsigned bytesPublic parameters of the key object to be attested
attesting_key_pubVector of unsigned bytesBuffer containing the public part of the attesting key
  • name represents the contents of the name field within the TPM2B_NAME structure.
  • public represents the contents of the publicArea field within the TPM2B_PUBLIC structure.
  • attesting_key_pub represents a public key encoded in the format specified for PsaExportPublicKey

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