Gets a prioritized list of available Parsec providers to be used by clients. Opcode: 8 (0x0008)


No parameters are needed for this operation.


providersVector of ProviderInfoList of provider information

ProviderInfo type

A ProviderInfo type contains the following members:

uuidStringUnique, permanent, identifier of the provider (version 4 UUID)
descriptionStringShort description of the provider
vendorStringProvider vendor
version_majUnsigned integerProvider implementation version major
version_minUnsigned integerProvider implementation version minor
version_revUnsigned integerProvider implementation version revision number
idUnsigned integerProvider ID to use on the wire protocol to communicate with this provider

Specific response status codes

No specific response status codes returned.


The version triplet returned by this operation (version_maj, version_min and version_rev) is the implementation version of the specific Parsec provider. For the Core Provider, this version is the implementation version of the whole Parsec service.

The providers vector returned is in order of provider priority: the highest priority providers come first. The core provider will always come last. The provider at position zero, if not the core provider, can be treated as default provider by the client. Clients should still check the supported opcodes of the provider, even the default one, as it might not implement the operations they want.



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